According to reports from authorities, a man recently made an attempt to rob a local restaurant in San Diego. He never made it very far into his plan, however. The would-be robber initially confronted employees at a pizzeria on August 2.
He claimed to have a concealed handgun in the gym bag that he was carrying. After challenging the employees with these allegations, he then demanded cash according to information from San Diego police. Nevertheless, reports are unclear as to whether or not he actually had a firearm on his person at the time.
This can sometimes be important in court. A suspect may be subject to lower penalties had they actually not had a weapon on them at the time. On the other hand, the presence of a loaded gun would bring stiffer charges with it.
The pizzeria is located in the Hillcrest area near the 1200 block of University Avenue. While many such crimes take place during the evening hours, this particular suspect must have been rather brazen considering that he arrived shortly before 11:30 AM.
The bandit saw that the pizzeria manager was running out of the building. Assuming this meant he was up to something, the would-be thief left empty-handed. He then got into a silver Chevy Monte Carlo that was parked nearby. Apparently the suspect then drove that vehicle north.
Witnesses described the suspect as a muscular black man who was probably somewhere in his 20s or 30s. He was wearing a white shirt with black shorts. He had a beard, a bandana on his head and was apparently wearing sunglasses with white-rims. While there wasn't much further information available about the suspect, these details are quite sufficient.
Moreover, some commentators have claimed that there were a number of witnesses. This does not bode well for a suspect in this sort of situation. Considering the time of day that the attempted robbery took place at, the pizzeria was probably servicing a number of customers. Fewer crimes happen in some areas around this time because criminals generally attempt to avoid the crowds that restaurants attack during lunch.
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