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What is an Internet Crime?

As the Digital Age sweeps through, grasping nearly every American, so do internet crimes. The FBI receives more than 300,000 computer crime complaints each year. Due to the high volume of internet crimes, officials have begun to crack down. Those ...
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Internet Crimes

San Diego Internet Crimes Attorney Over 15 million Americans are victims of Identity Theft each year. Another 100 million more are at risk. These alarming statistics prove that identity theft may be the most frequent and pervasive crime in...
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CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act): Challenges Faced by Prosecutors

Why the CFAA is so Difficult to Prosecute You may have heard about the landmark case against Aaron Schwartz, the hacker who stole files from JSTOR for free distribution. Schwartz argued he was trying to encourage free thought with the exchang...
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CFAA: Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: What You Need to Know Computers, smartphones, and the internet are household staples in California and across the United States of America.  Digital technology continues to rise in popularity as our society ...
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Penal Code Section 1203.4 Expungements

When applying for an expungement, it is important to know the difference between a petition granted under Penal Code 1203.4 and a petition granted under Penal Code 1203.4a. Expungement means the case is completely erased, whereas a dismissa...
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How to Find a Criminal Lawyer

Watch this short video for tips on finding a criminal lawyer for your case:
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Federal Drug Crimes

How Federal Drug Crimes Can Impact Your Life Federal drug crimes seem to be a headline in the news on a daily basis.  States like California and the federal government have strict laws in place regarding the possession, distributio...
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Immigration Convictions

Federal immigration convictions are on the rise Most people are charged with a federal immigration crime after being stopped for another offense. For example, a driver may be stopped at a license checkpoint and found to have no valid license...
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Revenge Porn

What are the Legal Consequences of Posting Nude Pictures of Your Ex Online? Of the states in the Union, nearly all of them have adopted laws specifically targeting perpetrators of so-called “Revenge Porn”. If you live in California or New Jer...
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Expunge Your Conviction!

Expunge Your Records. You CAN Have Your Life Back. Hundreds of San Diego residents are haunted by a past criminal record that stunts their ability to prosper in today’s society. As we plunge forward, deeper into the Digital World, many lose ...
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