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Criminal Defense Lawyers Successfully Mount Challenges to Residency Restrictions

California criminal defense attorneys have found it extremely unfair to offenders who have been released from prison or are on parole that they have severely limited housing options. However, more and more San Diego sex crimes defense attorneys...
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Impersonating Someone on the Internet is a Crime in California

A new California law that just went into effect on January 1st of this year now makes it a crime to impersonate someone through the internet. If you were thinking about opening an e-mail account, facebook, twitter or some other form of social n...
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ESCONDIDO: DA drops charges against accused bombmaker, feds take case

County prosecutors on Friday dismissed their case against the accused Escondido bombmaker in light of a federal indictment filed Thursday accusing him of bombmaking and bank robbery. The federal charges mean defendant George Jakubec is loo...
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