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Moves to Prosecute Children Who Make False Sex Crimes Allegations Against Tea...

A number of school sex abuse scandals have hit the headlines in California recently.  Many allegations of sex crimes involving teachers are proven, but unfortunately, as San Diego sex crimes lawyers know, many are not.  Across the pon...
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California DUI Checkpoint Audit Finds Little Oversight

A state audit of DUI checkpoints in California finds that traffic safety officials follow rules for the oversight of sobriety checkpoints.  However, that might not really be saying much, since state authorities are not really required to s...
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By age 23, a Third of Americans Have Been Arrested for Non-Traffic Offenses

You don't have to be a San Diego criminal defense lawyer to know that the justice system in the United States has become increasingly aggressive and punitive over the last few decades.  A new study confirms just how serious the problem...
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Escondido to Review Towing Fees after Criticism of DUI Checkpoint Policies

The City of Escondido has agreed to review its towing fees after scathing criticism of its DUI checkpoint policies.  The criticism came from the American Civil Liberties Union, which called the DUI checkpoint policies in the city some of t...
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George Huguely Convicted of Second-Degree Murder

Former University of Washington student George Huguely V was recently convicted of 2nd degree murder.  The conviction came after a trial that was watched closely by San Diego criminal defense attorneys and captured nationwide media attenti...
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Parents Have Significant Role to Play in Preventing Teenage DUI

For years, the public perception has held that teenage drivers are at a higher risk of driving under the influence, because of peer pressure.  However, a new study indicates to San Diego DUI lawyers that that perception is no longer true. ...
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Supreme Court Rules Strip Searches Okay Even for Minor Offenses

The United States Supreme Court has dealt a severe blow to the rights of arrested persons, ruling that strip searches even for minor offenses are permissible.  The 5-4 majority decision held that the need to keep weapons, drugs and other c...
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Judge Stays Extreme Public Humiliation Punishment for DUI Offender

You don't need to be a San Diego criminal defense attorney to know that when punishments for crimes are excessive, it does nothing to reduce incidents of crime, but actually propagates recidivism rates.  That is the lesson that we need...
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Cops Arrest Man for Driving Zamboni Under the Influence

To the list of police officers overreacting when they see persons operating vehicles that can barely be described as vehicles, under the influence, you can now add officers in Minnesota.  Cops there arrested a 34-year-old man, for driving ...
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Victim of 'This Bad Economy': Homeless Man Jailed for Charging Cell Phone

A homeless man spent a night in a Florida jail after being arrested for charging his cell phone at a public park.   According to the arrest report, a Sarasota Police Sergeant spotted Darren Kersey, 28, charging his cell phone at a ...
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