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In The Heat of Love and Anger

24 year-old Arturo Salazar is now in jail for killing his girlfriend, the mother of his 2 young children.  Police have no need to investigate as he confessed to the crime to reporters from behind bars, confirming his motives.  Salazar...
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Man shot by deputy in San Diego taser struggle pleads not guilty

A man who was shot by a deputy after he tried to shoot her with her taser gun pleaded not guilty to charges pressed against him. Around 8 p.m. on May 22 this year, the Sheriff’s office in Vista, an unincorporated city in San Diego cou...
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San Diego Couple Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Child Abuse

A San Diego couple has been sentenced to over 20 years in prison for keeping their 12-year old relative in their home while they abused and raped her. Marcial Garcia Hernandez was sentenced to 23 years in prison while his wife Inez Martinez Gar...
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Butt-Dialing Leads to Criminal Charges

On Saturday, May 18, two men in their early 20's were arrested in the Fresno area and are facing charges for drug crimes and burglary after leading police directly to themselves thanks to "butt-dialing" 911 while reportedly in the...
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Identity Theft In Los Angeles

A 29-count indictment handed down by Los Angeles grand jury in identity theft allegations. Earlier this month, a Los Angeles grand jury handed over a 29-count indictment charging six California residents with defrauding banks out of $3 m...
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A San Diego English Teacher And A Loaded Gun | Criminal Defense

An English teacher accused of carrying a loaded gun and a switchblade knife on the campus of Farb Middle School on February 11, 2013 in San Diego pleaded not guilty to both felony charges.   Ned Walker faces one count each of posse...
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Solitary Confinement - A Juvenile Offender's Salvation or Demise?

  There are an increasing number of juvenile offenders serving time in adult prison. Many of these juveniles are being placed in solitary confinement; the reasoning being that it is the best protection the adult prisons can provide for...
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San Diego Man Arrested for DUI 3 Times in 5 Days

San Diego law enforcement officers responding to reports of a drunk driver on Seacoast Drive were not expecting to see a man they had arrested at least twice earlier in the same week. San Diego police had pulled over him over on January 17,...
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San Diego Is Drunkest City in US

San Diego ranked in the top 10 on a list based on the number of DUI offenders in major American cities.  According to data by, San Diego is followed by Los Angeles, Indianapolis Jacksonville, Florida and San Francisco.  ...
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Researchers Identify Psychopathic Traits in Children

Over the past 10 years, researchers in Florida have been studying the psychological traits of what they call Callous- unemotional children, who exhibit the kind of personality traits that are usually found in adult psychopaths.  Researcher...
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