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San Diego Police Say Man was Stabbed in the Face

Officers from the San Diego police said that a stabbing took place at a trolley stop. A 43-year-old man was stabbed at the trolley stop in Old Town. Investigators believe that gang violence was a motivation in this particular crime. A stabb...
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Serious Charges in Elderly Woman's Murder in San Diego Courts

A man who has been accused of the murder of an elderly woman has pleaded not guilty. Jeff Boswell, age 43, was ordered to be held without bail in the death of an 87-year-old woman. He allegedly killed her last month. Murder is a serious charge,...
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Two Separate San Diego Primary Schools Suffer Attacks of Vandalism

According to reports from San Diego police, investigators are not yet sure if two separate attacks of vandalism are at all related. The reports state that broken windows were discovered at Ocean Air Elementary. That school is located in Torrey ...
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Police Reports say Two Men in Hillcrest Robbed by Four Thieves

According to reports from the San Diego police, four suspects robbed a pair of men. The incident happened in the Hillcrest neighborhood on Thursday August 15. The suspects were able to take the wallets and cell phones from the two victims, acco...
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Young Woman Attacks her Boyfriend with a Pair of Scissors

San Diego police have a woman in custody who was arrested on suspicion of attacking her boyfriend. The couple was apparently arguing on August 1 near Newport Avenue and Abbott Street. Reports state that things were heated but not violent before...
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Armed Robbery Investigation Underway at Local Restaurant

According to reports from authorities, a man recently made an attempt to rob a local restaurant in San Diego. He never made it very far into his plan, however. The would-be robber initially confronted employees at a pizzeria on August 2. &n...
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Federal Charges May or May Not Be Pending in Zimmerman Case

Regular readers of the blog are very familiar with the case of George Zimmerman. Many people have speculated over whether or not Zimmerman would face federal charges for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. According to Justice Departme...
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Arrest Made in Bus Stop Kidnapping and Rape | San Diego Gun Crimes

Authorities arrested a 35-year-old man from South Bay on suspicion of him being involved in a bus stop kidnapping and rape. Police pulled over Valentino Manofo Tafilele of National City at around 4:45 AM on July 10. He was driving a late-model ...
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San Diego Criminal Manhunt

Police and other law enforcement agencies are on a hunt for a man by the name of Ramiro Espinoza.  Law enforcement is working in unison with other parties to try to catch Espinoza, who was been accused of trying to murder his girlfriend in...
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Odd Animal Cruelty Crime in San Diego

Recently in the San Diego area horse owners have been warned after a local farm discovers that their 14-year old male horse was missing his tail hair.  The owners of the gelding, which is a term used to describe a castrated animal, describ...
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