Officers from the San Diego police said that a stabbing took place at a trolley stop. A 43-year-old man was stabbed at the trolley stop in Old Town. Investigators believe that gang violence was a motivation in this particular crime.

A stabbing was reported at 10:08 PM on Wednesday August 28. According to reports, the stabbing took place at the Trolley Stop on Congress and Taylor streets in the Old Town area. A San Diego police officer said that two men walked up to the 43-year-old victim. The suspects then proceeded to issue a gang challenge.

The challenge in question is the reason that investigators believe the crime could be gang related in general. On occasion people who have knowledge of gang symbols will issue a challenge to people to cause trouble. Nevertheless, the vast majority of these challenges are genuinely connected with some kind of gang activity. Therefore, investigators take such things very seriously.

One of the two suspects removed a weapon. Investigators believe that it was either a knife or a box cutter. The suspect then stabbed the victim in his face. After the stabbing, paramedics took the victim to a nearby trauma center. Police reported that the victim's wound did not threaten his life. He is therefore expected to recover to at least some degree as a result.

Gang detectives are now on the case. They described the suspects as both fairly young. They believe that they are Hispanic, and both around 5 feet 9 inches tall. They were lat seen wearing white shirts with blue pants. The two suspects got into a newer white Nissan sedan and then fled the scene.

Members of gang organizations often use different colors to identify themselves. As a result, different members often wear similar colors so that they can represent their group. The wearing of such gear in its own right is not a crime however. Gang detectives are trained to work with such symbols, though attorneys defend against false accusations and work to ensure that everyone is given a fair deal in cases involving violent crime.