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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney San Diego

Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence in San Diego?

Allegations of domestic violence are serious and the consequences of a conviction can be life changing.  If convicted you may face fines, probation, or imprisonment, and could be prohibited from any contact with the alleged victim. If you have children, a domestic violence conviction could have an impact on child custody and visitation. To avoid these devastating outcomes, it is in your best interest to speak with a qualified,  reputable criminal defense attorney in San Diego.

Types of Domestic Violence

Incidents of domestic violence involve abuse that is physical, sexual, or psychological in nature. However, domestic violence charges can be brought even in cases where no physical force is used. Such instances include harassment, stalking, trespassing, and destruction of property.

Often domestic violence happens within a family setting, but may also occur in other close relationships such as dating partners. A variety of crimes fall under the category of domestic violence, and include:

  • Child abuse – physical, emotional, sexual, or neglect of basic living necessities
  • Spousal abuse –  physical, emotional, sexual, financial, or neglect of basic living necessities
  • Elder abuse – physical, emotional, sexual, financial or neglect of basic living necessities for a senior citizen
  • Emotional/Psychological abuse – verbal or other actions intended to degrade, manipulate or intimidate the victim
  • Sexual abuse – non-consensual sexual activity forced upon the victim
  • Physical abuse – physical violence designed to inflict pain or injury to the victim
  • Law enforcement officials take domestic violence allegations very seriously. In the state of California, a person can be charged with domestic violence even if the alleged victim does not report it or wish to press charges.


What To Do If You’ve Been Arrested for Domestic Violence in San Diego

Every domestic violence case is different. After an arrest, the decision to file domestic violence charges lies solely in the hands of either the District Attorney or City Prosecutor.  The San Diego City Attorney’s Office has a special Domestic Violence unit devoted to these cases.  You need an experienced criminal defense attorney in San Diego to negotiate with the prosecutors on your behalf.  We can help protect your rights in the face of these serious domestic violence allegations and work to avoid formal charges being filed.

If you are facing domestic violence charges in San Diego County, let us mount an aggressive and thorough defense.  Give us a call at (619) 239-2186 for a free consultation.