Recently in the San Diego area horse owners have been warned after a local farm discovers that their 14-year old male horse was missing his tail hair.  The owners of the gelding, which is a term used to describe a castrated animal, describe the act as sad and find it odd.  They expressed how he’ll need that hair to protect himself from flies, and wonder if someone will be profiting off what they stole from their horse.  One of the owners, Jeanne Benowitz, expressed how beautiful the horse’s , named Harley, hair was.
Benowitz commented on how the hair isn’t just important to them, it’s important to the horse as well.  It’s a part of him and he doesn’t understand why it’s gone.  Reporters are trying to understand why someone might have done this and Benowitz tells him that it could have been to manufacture clothing.  Researchers checked ebay and in-deed horse hair clothing can go for as much as $500.

Harley’s owners along with investigators would like to believe that this was an adult trying to profit rather than a prank because of the manner in which it was done.  All of the hair was completely missing not just from the horse, but also from the farm itself.  The barber took every strand with him or her when they left.
Although the sheriff’s department states they won’t get involved, Harley’s owners are urging everyone to really be on the look out.  They’ve asked their own neighbors to watch out as well, because the next time they really could hurt Harley.  Jeanne Benowitz, along with her husband Marty, just want answers as to why their horse was victimized and stolen from.  They know how much that hair means to Harley, and it means just as much to the couple.  The incident could happen again due to the fact that the horse love to graze by water and fences, but people are urged to be on the look out.  Don’t let what happened to Harley, happen to your local horses.