Police and other law enforcement agencies are on a hunt for a man by the name of Ramiro Espinoza.  Law enforcement is working in unison with other parties to try to catch Espinoza, who was been accused of trying to murder his girlfriend in the San Diego area.

Espinoza’s girlfriend is expected to survive, but Police want him in custody right away.
Experts say that it was on May 24th that Ramiro Espinoza showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s home with a gun.  In front of the victim’s 4-year old daughter, Espinoza is said to have shot his ex-girlfriend on the head, neck, and chest.  After the crime was over, Espinoza ran away and escaped.  Police are on the hunt for Espinoza and are inquiring for the help of the public.  They are releasing posters, news reports, and radio ads to alert everyone in helping them with their search.  If a citizen actually sees Ramiro Espinoza he is to be considered armed and dangerous, and should NOT be approached.  Police implore the public to be aware of the many numbers they are able to call to help stop this man and bring him into custody.

Ramiro Espinoza is described as a five foot tall, 9 inch man.  He is 34 years old and weighs about 165 pounds.  Ramiro has brown hair and brown eyes and is still on the run from police.  An organization known as Crime Stoppers is offering an award for information that’ll lead to Espinoza’s arrest.  Whoever calls in the tip will of course remain anonymous, but will allow justice to be upheld all at the same time.  Police will continue to work hard until Espinoza is caught and in custody.  It is extremely lucky that he failed his murder attempt, but that doesn’t mean he can escape justice.  This is why police are fighting so hard to bring him behind bars.  All they want is to have this case settled, and have this man in handcuffs so the public can feel safer at last.