According to reports from the San Diego police, four suspects robbed a pair of men. The incident happened in the Hillcrest neighborhood on Thursday August 15. The suspects were able to take the wallets and cell phones from the two victims, according to the police.

There were four robbers, though not all of them were armed. Two of the four robbers were armed gunmen who approached the victims. The other two suspects were accomplices in the crime, but they appear to have been unarmed. Nevertheless, they are currently wanted for robbery as well. Depending on the situation the law might have to differentiate between those who were armed and those were not.

A San Diego police officer stated that the robbery happened near the Robinson and Richmond Avenue intersection. It was reported around 11:42 PM, which suggests that the crime would have had to take place around that time. The officer's report also suggested that all four suspects are believed to be men. They are probably somewhere in the 20s.

The victims report that the men took off running down an alley after the robbery. One of the victims consented to provide a comment to a local news outlet, but they were reluctant to be identified. This makes sense from a legal standpoint, and it may be wise as well. Revenge crimes can sometimes be avoided by not announcing someone's identity.

According to that victim's testimony, the two victims were having a chat on the street next to a motor vehicle. A couple of men came up from behind them and then met up with another pair of suspects. They kept walking down the street for a period of time, but then ultimately pulled a couple of guns on the victims. They then started to push them around and ordered them to empty their pockets. Two of the suspects reportedly hit one of the victims from behind.

The suspects are not currently identified. Anyone with information is asked to call the San Diego police. Testimony provided by individuals may be helpful in the future considering the lack of evidence.