San Diego police have a woman in custody who was arrested on suspicion of attacking her boyfriend. The couple was apparently arguing on August 1 near Newport Avenue and Abbott Street. Reports state that things were heated but not violent before 6:30 PM.
Eventually what started as a mere argument erupted into a violent crime after the 19-year-old woman pulled out a pair of scissors. She proceeded to then attack her boyfriend as a result of the argument, according to an officer from the San Diego police. 
While some crimes start out as vicious assaults from the beginning, this event appears to truly have been an argument at first. One worrying aspect of the reports, however, is that the 19-year-old apparently may very well have had the scissors the entire time. While it is entirely possible that she had them for more legitimate purposes than assault, there is always the possibility that she was carrying them with the intent to attack her boyfriend.
The question of intent could come up in court. If it were to come up there may be accusations that the suspect was planning to attack him the entire time. That would weaken any defense that she could put up. Nevertheless, such accusations have not yet arisen. More details about the story might soon be available, and these could shed some light on the questions that have come around.
According to a report filed by the same police officer, the 30-year-old boyfriend sustained a fairly serious cut behind one of his ears. An ambulance arrived at the Ocean Beach area to take him to a nearby hospital. Hospital personnel have stated that they expect the victim to survive.
The officer's testimony went on to state that San Diego police arrested the woman near the scene of the crime on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, the suspect's name was not immediately reported. Avoiding an immediate release of the name is often important for legal reasons.
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