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Drones and the Law

Earlier this month, a Skylife medical helicopter narrowly avoided a collision with a hobbyist’s drone outside Fresno Yosemite International Airport. No one was injured, but the potential for disaster is what’s making officials uncomforta...
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Drone Do Me Like That

                As the subtle tension lingers between drone enthusiasts and federal government policymakers, there is much speculation as to just how much each side should be limited.  As it stands, ...
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Hawaii Vice Cops Want to be allowed to Have Sex with Prostitutes!

Honolulu police have urged lawmakers to preserve an exemption in Hawaii law that lets vice officers have sex with prostitutes during investigations. This year, state legislators moved to change Hawaii’s decades-old law against prostitution, includ...
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San Diego Area Residents Believe They Have Seen Alleged Abductor

San Diego officials say that they have seen more sighting of a truck that belongs to a man who is believed to have abducted an infant out of the Bay Area. That abduction had prompted an Amber Alter statewide. Authorities issue Amber Alters as a...
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San Diego Police Look for Man Who Allegedly Pepper Sprayed Bus Driver

San Diego police report that they are working to identify a man who has now been accused of spraying pepper spray at a bus drive. He apparently sprayed the bus driver in his face. The incident occurred after the driver had ordered him off of th...
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String of Bank Robberies and Break Ins

A crime spree in San Diego has finally been brought to an end with two arrests, according to police sources. San Diego police say that they have apprehended two men – Terri Franck and Michael Colace – who they believe are responsibl...
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San Diego Police Say Fatal Shooting Occurred in Park

According to reports from the San Diego Police Department Homicide Unit, a man was shot while sitting on a park bench. Detectives are searching for the gunman responsible. The shooting occurred at Marie Wideman Park on Monday October 14. Th...
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San Diego Police Find Man Threatening to Commit Violent Crime With Scissors

Shoppers in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego were given quite a scare on Saturday September 21. A man had been talking incoherently for some time. Apparently, reports seem to indicate that he was waving scissors. Naturally it see...
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San Diego Cold Case Turns Warm After 13 Years

On February 13, 2000 Nghia Tan Pham was fatally shot while she was heading southbound down Interstate 15. Apparently she had been driving somewhere between State Route 163 and State Route 52. Medics took Pham to a hospital, but she died a short...
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San Diego Police Tackle Strange Razor Blade Crime

Bonita Cove Park is a popular spot for San Diego residents who enjoy the Mission Bay area. It is a place that many people take their families to when they want to relax. However, people are getting angry as the result of a very unusual crime. ...
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