A crime spree in San Diego has finally been brought to an end with two arrests, according to police sources. San Diego police say that they have apprehended two men – Terri Franck and Michael Colace – who they believe are responsible for a string of robberies and break-ins.

The primary assailant is Michael Colace, aged 46, who started the crime spree by robbing a 7-Eleven store in the early morning hours. The clerk at the convenience store may have been even more terrified than they normally would have been during a robbery because Colace was wearing a bloody clown face mask during the hold-up. Colace pointed both mace and a handgun at the clerk, who complied with his demands and gave him what he wanted. Colace ultimately left the 7-Eleven with cigarettes and lottery tickets in addition to the cash that he had demanded.

After robbing the 7-Eleven, Colact went to Odessa Avenue where he broke into the house of sleeping citizens and stole a white van. Whether the sleeping residents were awakened or threatened in any way has as of yet not been reported, but it is clear that Colace did not stop his crime spree there.

As morning turned into afternoon, police investigators found the white van inside the garage of a different home on Crest Drive. It turns out that Colace – with help from his accomplice, Terri Franck – had broken into the home on Crest Drive after breaking into the home on Odessa Avenue. Franck and Colace stole a white Nissan from the Crest Drive home and parked the white van in its place before fleeing.

Ultimately, both Franck and Colace were apprehended by police and charged with auto theft, residential burglary, elder abuse, kidnapping, false imprisonment and robbery. While there have been no specific released regarding the elder abuse and kidnapping charges, it is possible that these counts stem from the two residential break-ins that occurred after Colace robbed the 7-Eleven. It is further possible that the elder abuse charge came from actions Colace undertook while robbing the 7-Eleven, as the age of the store clerk has yet to be released. Regardless, both Colace and Franck are now awaiting trial and the case is closed.