Bonita Cove Park is a popular spot for San Diego residents who enjoy the Mission Bay area. It is a place that many people take their families to when they want to relax. However, people are getting angry as the result of a very unusual crime.

Razor blades are being purposefully placed around the park area. The San Diego Police Department fields a special beach team, and they will have to focus on that area specifically for the foreseeable future. City park rangers are also focused on the plot of land in the hopes that these blades will harm no one.

News crews covered events on Thursday September 5, which called to mind a similar incident that occurred on August 10. Police told reporters that there was another similar incident that happened in February. In all three cases the same thing ended up happening.

Suspects must have intentionally pressed single-edged razor blades in the ground. The razor blades are sharp side up, and they are arranged in a way that would cause injury to anyone walking around barefoot. The blades seemed to be strategically placed, though police believe that they have collected them all.

Officers said that if anyone finds any they should not touch them. Instead, they should call authorities immediately. Officers could then conduct DNA tests. Apparently they are already trying to test the existing blades in the same sort of way.

From a legal standpoint the crime is unique. While it is different from someone going around and getting into fights, suspects in these cases are out to cause injury to people. That could be construed as the use of a weapon in a manner of speaking. In another sense, they are also engaging in a form of vandalism as well.

Nevertheless, a motivation has yet to be established. While some people have been quick to speculate, a motive will certainly help when it comes time to establish a case. It may also serve to aid defendants who could be facing serious charges if they were to bring serious harm to someone.