San Diego officials say that they have seen more sighting of a truck that belongs to a man who is believed to have abducted an infant out of the Bay Area. That abduction had prompted an Amber Alter statewide. Authorities issue Amber Alters as a mass public notification when they believe that a child has been abducted and is facing serious danger as a result.

Authorities are on the look out for Henry Guler-Romer, who is only two weeks old. He was allegedly taken hostage by his own father on Tuesday November 5. His father is Mesut Guler of Sunnyvale, who is currently age 22. Media reports had not mentioned the whereabouts of any other members of their family, however.

The California Highway Patrol sent out an Amber Alter for the infant at 3:20 AM on Wednesday November 6. They said that Guler and the infant were probably in a medium size 2004 GMC Envoy SUV. The motor vehicle was tan, and had a large image of an American eagle on the rear window. Authorities also put out the license plate number in hopes it would aid people in locating the van.

Four different people in the San Diego area gave police phone calls, saying that they believed they either spotted Guler or the USV. The latest reports came and stated that someone spotted the vehicle around California Highway 54, near the 805 Freeway by San Diego. On Tuesday, someone had called in saying that they saw someone inside the city limits with a small baby. The man matched the description according to a California Highway Patrol officer.

Officials were also able to ping Guler's cellular telephone, which showed that it was somewhere between California Highway 163 and Balboa Avenue. At the moment, though, the search is continuing. Police will continue to look for Guler until they have their own visual confirmation. While no one has yet brought forth any reports of harm to the infant, any such reports would certainly heighten the investigation once again.