According to reports from the San Diego Police Department Homicide Unit, a man was shot while sitting on a park bench. Detectives are searching for the gunman responsible. The shooting occurred at Marie Wideman Park on Monday October 14.

The park is located near the 6700 block of Imperial Avenue in San Diego. Around 7:00 PM a suspect walked up to another man who was seated on a park bench. He drew a gun on the seated man and opened fire. After the shooting the suspect then immediately ran away from the scene of the crime. While it is not currently clear whether the man was targeted specifically, it may seem as though the man was killed for some specific reason.

When officers arrived the found a 28-year-old man on the sidewalk that is located inside of the park. The man was suffering from obvious gunshot wounds. The man was rushed to the hospital, and medical staff did their best to save his life. Unfortunately he later died as a result of the wounds at the hospital in spite of medical attention.

Reports describe the gunman as a Latino male in his mid-30s. He was apparently wearing all black. Such an outfit may have been worn to obscure the suspect's identity. While there was no information regarding any logos or other imprints on the black clothing, there may have been no real distinguishable marks to speak of anyway.

The victim's family was being notified at the time that the press was covering the story. As a result, the victim's name has been withheld for the time being. Police have reached out to the community for information, as they often do with investigations were little information is available about the suspect.

Those with information are urged to contact the Homicide Unit of the San Diego Police Department, or call in an anonymous tip to the Crime Stoppers organization. This information may be important in the near future as investigators hope to eventually take a man in custody in connection with the crime. It could also be useful for putting together a case.