According to reports from San Diego police, investigators are not yet sure if two separate attacks of vandalism are at all related. The reports state that broken windows were discovered at Ocean Air Elementary. That school is located in Torrey Hills, on Canter Heights Drive.

Broken windows were also found at another school. Sage Canyon Elementary over in Carmel Valley appears to have suffered a similar attack. Due to the way that they were broken it appears that the attacks were indeed acts of vandalism. While accidents and natural occurrences can sometimes cause glass to be shattered, these particular incidents appear to be purposeful. That fits the description of vandalism.

Police became aware of the broken glass at both schools in the early morning hours of Saturday August 17. It seems that the acts of vandalism would have had to occur during that same time period. Broken glass was discovered at Sage Canyon Elementary at around 5:15 AM. Investigators had already found broken glass at the Torrey Hills site. They arrived there just before 2:00 AM.

Strangely, there was no major loss at either of the schools. Police are still trying to determine if anything was stolen. Currently they have not found any reports of theft. On one hand this could mean that the suspects who committed the crime did not steal anything. Vandalism might have been the only motivation.

Naturally investigators might simply not have uncovered everything that they were looking for just yet. Police currently do not have any descriptions of any suspects. They have not reported any arrests as of yet. Vandals might very well have been students.

Sometimes students who are particularly disgruntled will carry out vandalism attacks against their schools. While this is illegal, it is a common method of carrying out unheard grievances. Disgruntled employees will sometimes carry out similar attacks in order to vent frustration. Police do not have anything to suggest that these were the motivations behind the attacks of vandalism, but they could not necessarily rule such motivations out either.