A San Diego couple has been sentenced to over 20 years in prison for keeping their 12-year old relative in their home while they abused and raped her. Marcial Garcia Hernandez was sentenced to 23 years in prison while his wife Inez Martinez Garcia was sentenced to 20 years. Both husband and wife pleaded guilty back in March to multiple cases of child abuse.
The couple forced the child to be both a nanny and maid while being held captive. The young girl was forced to care for the couple’s three small children. Marcial Garcia Hernandez would force the child to have sex with him and other individuals that entered the home. They would charge the individuals that had sex with the girl. 
If she misbehaved, the couple would abuse her by burning her and beating her. Another horrific punishment the child endured was being forced to eat chili peppers, in order to burn her mouth. There were other occasions the couple forced the young girl to eat rotten food.
The young girl was smuggled by her relatives from Mexico illegally. She assumed living in the United States would bring her a better life, but instead she endured child abuse and multiple occasions of rape. The couple used the young girl as a slave around the home, with no intention of creating a better life for her. They had promised their niece’s parents that she would attend school, and that they would properly take care of her. Instead, they kept her kidnapped in the home for over 18 months.
Due to this child being so far from her family, this particular case of child trafficking was able to last over a year and a half. The child was illegally in the country, so she was never reported missing.
The young girl was returned to her family in Mexico, but has since returned to the United States to her assist in the trial against her family members who tormented her.
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