24 year-old Arturo Salazar is now in jail for killing his girlfriend, the mother of his 2 young children.  Police have no need to investigate as he confessed to the crime to reporters from behind bars, confirming his motives.  Salazar speaks about why he did it, how it escalated that far, and even what he told his children who were sleeping in a room nearby when the incident took place.  It started as a conversation, and quickly arose to the murder of a mother of two.
It was on thursday June 13th when Salazar’s girlfriend’s body was discovered by police.  Her body was under a bed in a garage at a home.  Police say that she had been stabbed, and her body should be covered.  It was the girl’s parents who called the police to go check on her, only to find the results to be devastating.  After being arrested in connection with the murder Alazar confessed to everything, and was in tears as he was taken away.  Now they simply wanted to know his motive.
Behind bars, Salazar confessed everything to a reporter for the world to hear.  Apparently his girlfriend, Garcia, had been cheating on him and he had confronted her several times.  They were having a fight with the children close next door sleeping.  Arturo quickly became angry at her and stabbed her several times with a knife.  Fearing for what might happen to him he panicked and stuffed the corpse under the bed in the garage.  He expresses his biggest regret as leaving both of his children without someone to take care of them.  As he confessed more and more of the truth Salazar showed true remorse for his crimes, but now must face justice.
Salazar told reporters that his daughter asked him when her mother would be returning home.  Upon finishing the story Salazar was in tears.  He told his daughter that her mother would be returning later and they would play in the park.  She then asked again, this time all he could muster up to tell her was that her mother would be back later.  His children are now in the possession of their late mother’s parents and he only wishes that they can someday understand what happened.  He is currently being held at Vista Detention Facility on a charge for first-degree murder and will not be eligible for release.
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