Expunge Your Records. You CAN Have Your Life Back.

Hundreds of San Diego residents are haunted by a past criminal record that stunts their ability to prosper in today’s society. As we plunge forward, deeper into the Digital World, many lose hope that expungement of a criminal record is even possible. Those who feel defeated, inevitably fall victim to their own past and face a future of limited employment and housing options.

At The Law Offices of Michael Berg, we understand how life altering a criminal record can be. Our attorneys will fight to restore your legal status, clear your records and expunge an arrest. If you had the ability to remove and destroy a less than appealing past, why wouldn’t you? 

Don’t Wait to Clear Your Record. Top 3 Reasons:

Employment. A criminal record can prevent you from getting the job you desire. Many professional licenses cannot be obtained by those with a past criminal offense.

Education. Many schools can deny admission to those who have a criminal record. Educational loans and grants may be withheld.

Housing. Landlords can refuse a rental application based on past criminal activity. 

Benefits of Hiring an Expungement Attorney 

When you have made the decision to expunge your legal records it is crucial to only hire an attorney that specializes in expungements. Beware of scams that claim to be able to expunge your criminal record.

The benefits of hiring an Attorney that specializes in expungements is immeasurable. The expungement of a criminal record can be a very lengthy process and confuse someone who does not have the proper legal experience. One can attempt to expunge their record themselves, but be aware that the results may not be favorable. A licensed California Attorney understands the court rules and legal procedures to guarantee a speedy resolution. An Attorney will advise a client about the best strategy and course of action to expunge a criminal record. A licensed California Attorney will effectively handle your legal case from start to finish.  Michael Berg is a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, licensed by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization, and is extremely able and competent to handle any expungement matter.

If you’ve decided to expunge your legal record, the Law Office of Michael Berg will relentlessly go to battle on your behalf. You deserve a second chance!